Practice 1

As I said recently, moving forward I will be focusing my creative efforts on surface pattern design and painting in watercolor. And as a little step daily is well known to be the master of all tricks to reach many destinations in life, I thought I’d start the day, from now on, with a good session of painting for my own pleasure just because. So far I’ve been way too often caught in “to-do” mode always putting marketing, art editing and shop work first. I figured I’m not happy with this because it leaves the artist in me totally neglected and my creative progress, as a result, has suffered. So, time to put me first. Sod art editing. I’ll end up with a WIP pile, that’s ok. I’ll have to batch do or something.

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Creative life is a never ending evolving and learning journey thoughout which one regularly gets to pause, reflect, re-assess and adapt. That’s certainly been true for me lately and, as a result, I decided to focus on 2 things moving forward:

  • Surface Pattern Design
  • Watercolor Mountain & Sea Painting (small paintings)
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